Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sycamores Chapel…

It has been a while since I posted to the blog, so Hello from Don and LaVon, and here’s a few pictures I took to show you where we are in the process of preparing the Sycamores (Community) Chapel.  Keep in mind that it is a work in progress as God provides the funds.

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Don & Dennis, shucking corn, getting ready to feed the masses

The front entrance. Finished front will have the porch extended across the entire front of the building, with rails and new steps.100_0103

Dennis and Sally had this new sign made while they were in Branson recently.New sign hanging from the porch

Eventually, there will be a parking area on the east side of the property. Currently, there is a horseshoe driveway.  The county is going to enlarge both culverts for us.Sycamores Chapel.... a work in progress

Building faces south. East side of front porch.

Entrance before (anyone my height or taller had to duck to walk in):Front door.  Picture distorts the color; much more pastel than this shows.

Entrance after: Thank you, Norm Agan!!New entrance by Norm Agan. Still a work in progress inside the fellowship area.

Norm (Bubba) Agan, at work… a labor of love.IMG_20130621_140238

Fellowship hall. Door on the left is a closet. Door in the middle is a large handicap accessible restroom.West wall and door to storage loft was newly done by Dennis Maloney and sons. East wall is identical. Good job!

Kitchen.Preparing 112 pints and 75 whole ears of fresh corn to be ready to feed whoever needs fed.

We are so thankful for this little kitchen!!

We need hogs!!!

The island cutting board in the fore, where we cut corn off the ears, is on wheels and rolls back under the cabinets when not in use. It’s great!100_0118

Sally Maloney, master veggie and fruit preserver.

Helping Sally with the corn. I had inspiration. (That’s my mama’s apron.)100_0121

Almost finished.

The sanctuary.The sanctuary looking toward the platform. Norm Agan also installed the two windows. Praise God, it no longer looks like a dungeon.

Entrance into sanctuary from the fellowship area and front door.  Did I mention, it is a work in progress?

Missionary quarters. Still arranging furniture. New blinds for the windows are laying on the bed waiting to be installed.

Back outside…The west side of Sycamores Chapel.  Dennis and Don are discussing septic system improvements and the new roof that is a must.  Leaks in the sanctuary.

As you can see, there is still much work to be done, but Dennis has done a great job thus far and Don is helping as much as he can. He’s a great supervisor and he has been preparing some wonderful meals for us! Winking smilePointing up

We are, also, so very appreciative to Chris Kilpatrick for installing a new air conditioner for the sanctuary.

We are rejoicing for funds that have arrived to make the septic system what it needs to be to accommodate the building.

Still to be done:

  • Carpet for the fellowship hall.
  • New roof.
  • Rock for parking lot.
  • 8 round folding tables.
  • Riding lawn mower. (God has provided someone with tractor and mower, but mowing the property is something Don can do and so the riding lawn mower would allow Don to mow when it’s needed and not have to wait on the nice man.)

We tell everyone we see that we are here and our door is study sign

Our goal is to be having Sunday morning services by September 15th.  Please pray with us for musicians and worship leaders. We know God will provide.

We are excited about the vision God has given us for this area. We are also excited about the new free medical clinic now in operation for two weeks at Onapa Baptist Church, about seven miles from us. There have been two salvations with the doors being open only two evenings. Thursday is the clinic days and we are rejoicing for the people at Onapa Baptist for taking the chaplain training and providing this wonderful space to have this much needed clinic.

Keep us in your prayers!!

The Sycamores Chapel
Rt. 2, Box 2131
Checotah, OK 74426

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